Case Histories

VisionConsult international has a clear industry focus. Case histories testify proven backgrounds the following industries:

Fiber-optic network

VisionConsult undertook market research amongst a number of prospective partners and investors in a new fiber-optic cable link planned between Berlin and Moscow. The aim of the research was twofold: firstly, to provide data on the quantitative market for this project and, secondly, to identify prospective partners. The work consisted of peer-to-peer interviews in 5 different European countries, and introduced a major project partner.

Digital TV Equipment

VisionConsult designed a European market research program for France, Germany and the UK, to assist our client – the leading manufacturer of digital video editing equipment – analyse the potential market for its products. A total of 750 interviews were carried out in 6 market segments, which assisted the client make key decisions on its European product line and marketing investment.

Satellite Industry

VisionConsult has assisted 2 European satellite manufacturers in the preparation of their bids for major satellite contracts. The support included assisting in the understanding of the real needs of the prospective end client, the markets that it was planning to service, and the priorities of the required technical specifications. Specific support was provided in the preparation of parts of the bid documentation. Both bids that VisionConsult supported were successful.

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