Ecological Cases

More recently, VisionConsult added to their portfolio consulting activities in ecological construction, energy production from renewable sources, water catchment and waste water treatment.

Village of the Future Master Plan

Villages of the Future on the Balkans

Core objectives of the “Village of the Future” are the consistent use of local building materials and producing energy form renewable sources, such as hot water collectors and biogas. Moreover, there is no need to connect the villages to the public energy and water supply and waste water system. This allows for their cost-effective implementation of in remote areas.  The required technical infrastructure will consistently be constructed with renewable energies only and has to be socially, ecologically as well as economically compatible. VisionConsult international has been retained to adapt the concept specifically to the requirements of the Balkans in the framework of the repatriation Roma and to formulate strategies together with all involved parties. Identifying financial resources with the aim to implement the proposed housing project, and thus securing the definite settlement of the Roma in their countries of origin, is also part of VisionConsult’s project scope.

Miscanthus Field

Miscanthus: Zero Emmission Energy

Miscanthus, which is native to Southeast Asia, is a 3 meter high plant, genus of the family Poaceae Gramineae. Because of the annual rate of rapid and high growth cycle and the high biomass production, it is a lumber replacement for pulp and paper industry and a major energy source. Output of energy per hectare is comparable to 7,000 and 9,000 litres of heating oil. Miscanthus plants can be harvested for about 20 years without cropping and seeding every year.  Together with scientific laboratories, leading vendors of furnaces and industrial users, VisionConsult is formulating a strategy which allows Miscanthus to be used as CO2 neutral combustible and renewable source of electrical energy. The aim is to establish Miscanthus on an industrial scale and to largely replace the fossil energy sources in all non-mobile applications.

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