VisionConsult international is available to undertake a broad range of proposed assignments. In many cases a small team is composed to the client’s exact budgetary and support requirements.

A selection from the large number of first class clients:

Featured Clients and Projects

  • Aérospatiale Satellites
    Satellite market planning and contract bid support
  • Avid Technology Europe
    Major international market research project for computerised video editing systems
  • Belgacom
    Digital TV market entry strategy formulation and operational support
  • CCS Europe
    Market research projects for professional audio codecs and solid state recording devices
  • CMGI
    Research on the German online market focused on new media companies for investment
  • DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)
    Commercial introduction of Digital Radio in Baden-Württemberg
  • Discovery Channel / UAP Programming (TCI)
    Strategic partner selection for Digital TV in different European countries
  • Medienanstalt Berlin Brandenburg
    Study “Multi Media Mobil” – mobile services using broadcast and telecommunication networks
  • H.O.T Le Grand Magasin
    Evaluation of digital distribution platforms in France
  • LfK Baden-Württemberg
    Study “Introduction of digital terrestrial TV”, Conference “Digital Broadcasting”
  • MAYAH Communications
    Strategic consultancy to enter the market of professional MPEG-4 hardware and a software encoders
  • Mediaport Luxembourg (Ministry of State)
    PR and marketing measures positioning Luxembourg as a key investment proposition for media and telecommunications companies
  • Verband Privater Rundfunk und Telekommunikation (VPRT)
    Studies on the future evolution of cable TV systems in Germany

The comprehensive list “Featured Clients and Projects” is available on request.