Seit 1997 veröffentlicht VisionConsult bahnbrechende Management-Reports. Mit der Recherche und Analyse ist ein Team von Beratern aus unserem Haus beauftragt. Beliebte Studien, die von VisionConsult veröffentlicht wurden, untersuchen Geschäftsmöglichkeiten bei Spitzentechnologien wie interaktive Anwendungen über Satellit, Internet via Satellit, Internet und Digital TV, Internet-Musik und Chancen im Bereich Streaming Media. Unsere Berichte werden von Hunderten von führenden Organisationen weltweit abonniert. Nachfolgend eine Auswahl mit Beschreibung jeweils in der Originalsprache der Studie:

Internet TV Report
Interactive TV
„Interactive TV“ is a report which totals over 290 pages and includes more than 100 charts, figures and illustrations. The report is rich with illustrations of the major interactive applications to date in the USA and Europe. Interactivity is at the early stages of development, but significant implementation has now been carried out, especially in Europe, and there is much to learn from.
Opportunities in Streaming Media

Opportunities in Streaming Media

The best selling Industry Analysis: The first edition of VisionConsult’s report was subscribed to by leading international clients in Australia, Europe, and North America, including ISPs, streaming software suppliers, network operators, financial services, tv and radio and sports broadcasters, e-commerce companies, leading management consultants, telcos, and satellite operators and service providers. The report has been expanded to over 400 pages.

Internet Music

The 300 page report includes data from interviews carried out in the USA and Europe, including research at the NAB Convention Las Vegas, Streaming Media West San Jose, NetSounds and DDMI in London and Narrowcast and the Real Conference in Paris. VisionConsult’s research schedule allowed us to check our assumptions with streaming media industry leaders like Rob Glaser and Robert Madge.